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Afdarts is designed for Windows only, but Linux and OS X can run Afdarts 1.1.1 or earlier using Wine. If you get Afdarts 1.1.2 or later to run on Linux or OS X, please tell me how.

Afdarts 1.0.6: installer or zip file
SEE BELOW IF YOU ARE USING WINDOWS VISTA OR LATER. This is the latest stable release, recommended for most people.

Afdarts 1.1.14 alpha: zip file
This preview release adds an improved implementation of melee combat which you can try out in the scenario "battle". It also adds hills and walls, but it doesn't contain the tutorial or campaign scenarios in the stable releases. It requires the .NET Framework version 2 (32-bit) (64-bit) and the DirectX End-User Runtime.

Older versions: view all files

Directions for Windows Vista/7:
Afdarts 1.1.1 or earlier does not work on Windows Vista or later out of the box. After installing or extracting Afdarts 1.1.1 or earlier, you have to do the following:

  1. Download dx8vb.dll (and comdlg32.ocx if you want to use the model editor), or preferably copy them from Windows XP. (McAfee SiteAdvisor tells me that both sites are safe and my virus scanner reports that both files are safe, but you should check for yourself anyway.)
  2. Copy the 2 files to the directory that Afdarts is in. If you used the installer, the default directory on 32-bit computers is "C:\Program Files\Andrew D\Afdarts" and on 64-bit computers is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Andrew D\Afdarts". Accept any User Account Control prompts.
  3. Right click Afdarts.exe (the one with the green circle icon) and press "Run as administrator". I tested this on my computer with Windows Vista and it worked every time, but if it doesn't work on your computer and you have the latest 1.0.x version, please tell me. Afdarts should create "unregister dx8vb.bat" in the directory it is in, which will undo the changes if run as administrator. After Afdarts is working, you don't need to run it as an administrator.