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2015 status update:
I learned a lot from making Afdarts since I started working on it in 2007, but it is no longer in active development. I had a couple goals from making Afdarts:

Since then, a couple things changed. First, I found more interesting games and hobbies than the Stronghold series. (In any case, Stronghold Crusader 2 sounds better than previous games in the series, though I haven't had a chance to play it.) Second, after I started making Plausible Deniability in 2013, Afdarts stopped being my favorite dumping ground for playing with fancy algorithms. Therefore, there is no longer a good reason to continue working on it.

It's melancholic to stop active development on Afdarts after working on it for over 5 years, but it continues to hold a special place in my heart as I move on to greater things.

I am was trying to implement walls again! I have planned out my implementation much better than when I wrote the original wall implementation for version 1.1.1 alpha.

  1. Rewrite the wall code from scratch using a new implementation based on convex polygons. Support collision detection and editing walls in the editor.
  2. Allow units to walk on (but not climb) walls. Implement pathfinding. Add a stone dropper unit.
  3. Implement passages that allow units to climb or walk through walls. Add ram and ladder units.
  4. Add a cannon unit with projectiles that damage walls.
  5. Give the faction AI the ability to attack and defend walls. Implement fire at will.
  6. Implement grouping. Add a basic tutorial and new music. This would be the first 1.1 beta release.
  7. Let paper build walls (in sections).
  8. Change the resource model to a fixed amount of stone for building walls and rate-based food for feeding units. Make buildings summon units from off the map instead of immediately making units.
  9. Give the faction AI the ability to build walls and use the new resource model.
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