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ShootCity is a side-scrolling shooter game for Windows that I made mostly during the summer of 2006. Screenshots and more are available at SourceForge. It doesn't contain enough constants and sub-routines and I have several approximate copies I want to keep up to date, so I don't support it anymore unless anyone has a compelling reason for me to do so.

Download for Windows: installer or zip file

Known bugs:

Thorough description: (or you could just watch the video above)
ShootCity is a 2D side-scrolling shooter game that uses DirectX 7 (and made in Visual Basic 6!) in which all of the people are on the tops of buildings (there are 10 buildings). The player (a black stick figure) is outnumbered by simple computer opponents 30 to 1, but is a lot harder to kill. The objective is to shoot all of the computer opponents without getting your health bar down to zero, which the computer opponents try to do. On the Internet I have 3 versions of ShootCity: ShootCity (original), ShootCity Sunset, and ShootCity Night, though there are many more versions (please don't ask me to email them to you).

Attacking players can be done by shooting them or by throwing bombs at them. Shooting is immediate and affects the first person on the same or an adjacent building at a height close to the player's. Each shot takes 1% of the player's health, but computer opponents shoot at a fast rate. Bombs are thrown in a quadratic path to where a player aims it. Whenever it hits something, it explodes. If it lands directly on the player, the player will lose 20% of his or her health (with the exception of ShootCity Sunset). If it lands close to the player, the player will lose 10% of his or her health. In ShootCity Sunset, both cases take 5% of the player's health. If 5 bombs land on the same building, the building will lose 1 level and if the player is on that building the player will lose 10% of his or her health. The program doesn't keep track of computer opponents' healths, so anything that harms the player will kill a computer opponent.

In the original, computer opponents get 1 bomb each. In ShootCity Sunset, computer opponents get 20 bombs each, which they tend to shoot out in a stream. In ShootCity Night, computer opponents get 50 bombs each but shoot them out slightly less often than in ShootCity Sunset. However, backup units occasionally fall from the sky. Approximately every 1/20 of a second, each computer opponent will check if the player is in range of shooting. If this is the case, the computer opponent will shoot at the player, the tip of its gun will light up for a short moment, and a sound will play. The computer opponents also will check if it should throw a bomb at the player. For this to happen, the computer opponent must be on the same building but at a different height than the player. Also, no other computer opponents may be close by to try to prevent killing friendly units. Since this is also done about every 1/20 of a second, the computer opponents will throw bombs in a stream if they have multiple bombs to use.