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Andrew Downing
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Work Experience:
Aug 2016-Present Amazon.com Software Development Engineer
May-Aug 2015 Amazon.com SDE Intern, Amazon Game Studios
  • Improved visual postprocessing effect system in Lumberyard game engine to allow creating prioritized groups of effect parameters. (C++)
  • Involved in the full development lifecycle, including gathering requirements from customers, implementation, automated testing, and documentation.
May-Aug 2014 Amazon.com SDE Intern, Website Platform department
  • Added feature to associate action traces of AJAX requests with those of the original page that made the request. It embeds the original page's trace ID in AJAX URLs, then parses AJAX URLs to include the original page's ID in action traces. Currently runs on thousands of servers on the Amazon.com website.
  • Wrote script to download, process, and publish statistics from large volumes of execution traces.
Mar 2012-Oct 2014 Interaction Lab, University of Southern California
  • Created a ROS (Robot Operating System) package to determine which skeletons tracked by different Kinects are likely to correspond to the same people.
  • Created a ROS package to calibrate Kinects and other cameras to each other within the lab.
Jun-Jul 2010 Power-All Networks (now a subsidiary of Foxconn)
  • Internship for cloud computing company.
  • Integrated backup program with the Hadoop Distributed File System.

University of Southern California
Aug 2015-Aug 2016 M.S. in Computer Science
Accepted into Progressive Degree Program.
Jan 2012-May 2015 B.S. in Computer Science
Aug-Dec 2011 Chabot College

2014 Amelia (repo) at Burbank Game+Hack
  • Won 2nd place in open challenge and Mashery prize.
2014 Wheel of Delivery (repo) at LA Hacks
2013-2014 Plausible Deniability RTS game using Unity
  • Stores the entire history of every unit in a graph data structure to support manipulating the past.
2013 Myrrored: iPhone, iPad, and Flash game
  • Programmed the Flash version using mtasc and swfmill.
2010-2012 PR Lite robot
  • A low end version of Willow Garage's $400,000 PR2 running ROS (Robot Operating System).
  • Made ROS packages for wheel control and navigation.
  • Featured in Servo Magazine, Willow Garage blog, Maker Faire, and RoboGames.
2009-2010 Momentum Master and Momentum Master II and the World Wide Web
2007-2012 Afdarts 3D RTS game
  • Made using Visual Basic and DirectX, with over 8,000 lines of code.
  • Implements walls as convex polygons.

"PR Lite - Build Your Own PR2 Running ROS." Coauthor, Servo Magazine, December 2011.